Our Crew

Shawn, co-creator of the WARDAWGS, and fearless alter-ego, superhero, Weiler, dreams of life as a suave, sophisticated, successful macho-man. Yeah, he thinks he’s pretty cooooollll….but he’s not! His pal from grade-school, Paul, sizes him up correctly as a somewhat bumbling, comical, meat-head! Although Shawn and Paul make dissing each other an art form, the two have been inseparable, best friends since the age of five. When wanting and needing to escape the “real” world Shawn morphs into Weiler, ready to take on any situation – of course, Weiler is never alone in his fight for slacking…uh..for justice

Paul, co-creator of The WARDAWGS and bar-none, the bigger slacker of the Shawn and Paul comic book duo, dreams of life as a slacker…wait! He IS a slacker! Without Paul there would be little-to-no goofing off! With no “wheels” of his own, Paul often talks Shawn into driving around aimlessly, occasionally scoping out girls, and to end the day with chillin’ in the apartment. He has a lot less luck with girls than Shawn, but loads of questionable confidence! Paul, the risk-taker, exists as his alter-ego, superhero Pinch more than in the “real” world, and of course, takes Shawn as Weiler along for the ride!
Their saving grace, Momz…Shawn’s mom is at the top of all “mom-hood!” Momz, the neighborhood mom…master bingo player…and feeder of all! Gourmet food abounds at Momz house, along with a healthy dose of spoiling Shawn and Paul more rotten than they already are! In return, “the boys,” as Momz refers to Shawn and Paul, guard Momz will all their man-boyhood lives and do as she says! Listen to Momz or NO FOOD! When not in the kitchen, Momz can often be found taking Granny Wrinkles to “BINGO” (aka: the track)!
Granny Wrinkles
Granny Wrinkles:

Though not a main character, Granny Wrinkles comes on the scene often with Momz. Granny Wrinkles is a wiz at betting! She’s a gambling fiend! She knows numbers and it shows! But, she loves “the boys” almost as much as her “bingo” winnings!
Goth DGoth D:
“Goth D.,” the comic book inker, whose gender, but certainly not talent in question, joined the WARDAWGS creative team, its sales nearly doubled! Paul is terrified of “Goth D.” not only because of his foreboding demeanor, but because he has doubled the work for Shawn and Paul – the slacker can’t handle it at times! “Goth D.’s” uncle, as it turns out, is the WARDAWGS publisher.
Seymour Harrington IIISeymour Harrington III
Don’t ever leave out….“the third” when addressing Seymour Harrington III. This publishing magnate will do anything for his nephew, “Goth D.,” even if it means representing the WARDAWGS and of course, having to deal with Shawn and Paul! “The Third,” as Shawn and Paul refer to him, is always on their backs for the next episode of the WARDAWGS. Calling from his NYC office to bark orders at Shawn and Paul is an almost daily ritual of “The Third’s,” and he never fails to call so early in the morning of 11:30a.m., waking Shawn and Paul from their night’s slumber.
Jay JonesJay Jones:
Jay, mid-twenties, banker, and “man-eater” by nature, is the apple in Paul’s eye. While Paul tries to make her notice him, Jay flirts with Shawn, but Shawn has NO interest in her that way! It is a no-win situation and to make matters worse, Momz thinks Shawn and Jay would make a cute couple. Shawn enjoys making Jay the brunt of pranks and jokes. Caving to peer-pressure from Shawn, Paul can’t help but join in on the fun at the risk of annoying Jay!
Sonny is Shawn’s real-world Idol. He’s a cooler-than-cool, surfer dude who chills with Shawn and Paul during their multiple chillin’ times! While good-natured and waaaayyyy fun to hang out with, Sonny lacks basic thinking skills, but sure does know his surfing vernacular! He always has the surf in his eyes and his surf shop on his mind. Sonny just can’t function away from the sun and sand.
While not a main character, high school buddy of Shawn, Paul, and Sonny’s, Dave appears on the scene when hanging out at Sonny’s surf shop. Popular, smart, and well-built in high school, Dave has maintained all these qualities since graduating many years earlier. As a stud character in Shawn and Paul’s high school comic book, Dave returned the favor by giving up papers and test answers to help the two finish high school.

Zippy, their old high-school art teacher now tracks the WARDAWGS’ local sales and tries to arrange autograph sessions at his comic book store.
Stalker, WARDAWGS fan, Seth is just plain a weirdo! We all know “that guy.” Seth shows up from time-to-time to remind the WARDAWGS that they are someone’s favorite fantasy. Blowing up and blasting evil forces really brings out the weirdoes.