Mega-con 2015

“Mega-Con Artist”

2015 Mega-Con Orlando is under my belt and I have to say, IT WAS A BLAST!  (I have posted just some of my pics here for everyone to see.) I managed to do a little recon for the A Hollow Point booth next year (fingers crossed), but spent more time talking with a bunch of up-and-coming artists,  and spent a bunch of my wife’s money … please don’t tell her.  I didn’t dress up, although I was tempted to try and pull off a slightly overweight Spartan … fresh from an eating excursion … at the Wonder Bread store. (I would have nailed it!)

The amount of effort that some of my fellow comic collectors go through in creating costumes is commendable!  It is like a 3 day Halloween party for adults … minus the best part, the candy.  What I found more amazing was, not the people dressed up for Mega-Con to have a good time, but more so the public who watched all us ‘Con-goers’ walk to the event.  There wasn’t a car that didn’t stop, not a camera phone that didn’t come out for a picture, and smiles on everyone’s faces, as the people in costumes filed into the convention center.  On-lookers had a real look of  ‘I wish I could go..’ look to ’em.

Real life tends to catch up to a lot of us and we gradually lose that kid inside.  Bills, work, families, health, and countless hurdles tend to expedite the ‘Adult’ we will eventually be forced to become, but we shouldn’t lose track of the fun life can offer.  Trust me, I am an adult trying to make my drawings and colorings to pay my bills! (Thank God for my wife’s paycheck:) )

There were, I’m sure, the ‘ I’m too cool to do that nerdy stuff ‘ on-lookers, but who cares?!  They can enjoy their adulthood and douche-baggery.  I will enjoy following my inner kid and I’m aiming at having a booth at the next convention.  Hell, I may dress up as that overweight Spartan to run my booth!  So, start working on your costumes now, and plan to come see me next MegaCon! … and if you attended MegaCon and have pics, send em’ to me!  I’d love to see em’!

Remember, life is too short, so try and laugh through most of it!


Shawn (Future MegaCon artist)

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