A Hollow Point, a comic strip by Shawn Borandi is based on best friends and comic book illustrators, Shawn and Paul.  They try and balance the work it takes running their own popular superhero comic book “The War Dawgs,” with the urges to goof off and make fun of life. Shawn and Paul…comic books artists…slackers at heart, yet visionaries of the greatest magnitude reside in the quaint, little hometown, Seaside Heights. Though sheltered and limiting at times, Seaside Heights offers Shawn and Paul the familiarity and comfort they so desperately need to foster their creativity and their…uh…often immature antics. Growing up in Seaside Heights, Shawn and Paul were infamous for getting into trouble long before they even knew how to spell the word…uh, they still don’t know how to spell the word, but hey…at least drawing kept them out of the worst of trouble…or did it!?  The trouble they got into in those years created a need for super-hero alter-egos! Result…the creation of their super heroes, “The War Dawgs!” The DAWGZ!, Pinch and Weiler, are legendary fighters who “rescue” Shawn and Paul from the drudgery of life’s difficulties. Thanks to them, Seaside Heights is an easier place to bum around in!  Now best-selling authors of the comic book, “The War Dawgs,” Shawn and Paul just don’t know what to do with their time …

I have to post this!  This is one of my favorite Youtube videos … because it’s my video! Now, I’m not much of a voice-over guy so, feel free to mute the video! It won’t hurt my feelings … too much.